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Poshbrood.comPoshbrood is a site that promises “Travel for busy moms and their brood”, and that is exactly what it delivers. The website stands as a true catalog of luxury accommodation the world over which has been “mom-tested”.


Hotels, resorts, villas, cottages, inns… accommodation of each and every kind is already included. And this database can be browsed for free.

The process of searching for a property is started by choosing the relevant category from a list that includes items such as “City”, “Beach”, “Pets”, “High Roller”, “Green/Eco” and also “Budget Queen” – just because the site offers luxury accommodation it doesn’t mean that it is going to cost an absolute fortune. And a “Surprise Me” button is likewise featured for the more adventuresome ones to have their way.

And just to cover all bases, I’d like to mention that if you have been to a top getaway or a destination which is not covered (or if you are its manager) then you can use the “Tell us about it” button in order to put its name forwards, and (hopefully) have Poshbrood cover it. In Their Own Words

“Travel for busy moms and their brood.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a bit like JetSetter, but focused solely on moms – there is no site that provides exactly the same service as this one.

Some Questions About

How many destinations are already featured on Poshbrood’s database?


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