search cancel – Porcupine Hollow Farm is the website of the Porcupine Hollow Farm, a tree wholesale and retail sales store.


The farm offers a wide range of trees, including hardwood, shrub, evergreen, and more. You can order by phone or by mail, and check the whole list of products by accessing the sections placed on the left hand side of your screen. Each section refers to a specific kind of tree, and provides visitors with much information about the specie and its characteristics. Apart from being a store, the farm also considers itself a porcupine hollow tree nursery. Located in Northwest Lower Michigan, it’s one of the largest tree nurseries in the area, and growers of fine Christmas tree seedlings, Christmas Trees and large landscape trees, among others. The site has 30,000 trees for sale, most of which are grown in root control bags. So, if you are in the market for nice large tree, evergreen, or hardwood seedlings, give a call, grab the wife and kids, hop in the pickup truck, and head for Central Lake.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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