PopGuns.com – Firearms & Shooting Sports Accessories

PopGuns.comPopGuns is an Indianapolis-incorporated enterprise that specializes in firearms and shooting sports accessories. A “Products” category gives the visitor access to the featured items.

These include both handgun and rifle accessories, knives and backpacks. For its part, a section entitled “New Items Coming Soon” highlights forthcoming additions to the existing catalog. On the other hand, the site features a “Gun Appraisals” section which describes the company’s on-line appraisal fees, whereas a “Gun Transfer” page explains the rates that are charged for the transfer of firearms, as well as discussing shipping considerations. In addition to that, a section that goes by the name of “Indiana Gun Permits” deals with legal issues. For its part, customer care is provided by online resources that give advice on choosing a handgun, whereas a section entitled “Firearms Safety Rules” is devoted to important information that those who own (or plan to own) a gun should not bypass. PopGuns.com