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PopcornSupply.comI don’t know about you, but a good part of my childhood wishes included having an in-house popcorn machine, but I was young and didn’t know about the many things this site has to offer: cotton candy machines, sno-cone mixers, and even smoothie makers. Though the site really caters for food and beverage needs for festivals, carnivals and concessions, it’s also true that it is a great way to go shopping if you need to make a present for someone with a good sense of humor. sells the machines to mix or prepare the foods, the ingredients (popcorn, flavorings, corn dogs, salt, oil), and also disposable cutlery and packaging. The site is designed in what I reckon is an excessively simple manner, plus the pictures tend to be very small, though it’s definitely very easy to use, even for the most inexperienced online shoppers. I was happy to see that users will be able to find some articles and reading materials on cleaning and caring for the cooking machines, though there’s definitely room for more of them: if not original material, I reckon that links to other sites would be very much welcome.


Author : Steve Dixon

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