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Pollimath.comThis is new mobile phone software that will give you the opportunity to conduct opinion polls. The system has an android platform that gets all the votes from any mobile pone in the world through sms


You can use this service by drafting this opinion poll on your Android mobile phone.

After that you just need to add your voters in and then you can open your poll. This is very simple to use. Is not it?

All the voters participate through a web page that opens up when you click a link in the SMS. If you are the pollster, you will be able to see all the statistics as well as the voting details.

In addition to this all pollsters will get access to the option to use E-Mail as the poll delivery mechanism.

This online resource and solution gives you the opportunity to create a truly democratic procedure where you can see the masses opinions. Polls by Pollimath offers the ultimate; total portability of both the pollster and voter.

In conclusion, this is a good resource you can take a look at.


Author : Bruce Turner

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