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PlusSizeBridal.comPolitically correct euphemisms like ‘special sizes’ can be heinous, but there are occasions, like getting married which require (and deserve) to be made super special, regardless of the bride’s figure, and if what you’ve found around seems supremely boring or lacking taste, well, the internet can always be of help. PlusSizeBridal.


com is an eCommerce site specializing in wedding dresses for full figure-brides and bridesmaids, sizes 16-32+, plus they also carry a wide selection of party gowns and dresses which can be great for prom or any other black tie event. Also very convenient about this site is that their prices seem more than reasonable, so you won’t have to invest too much on your dress anyway; I reckon this is particularly useful for international customers, as one of the many ways in which steps apart from the huge crowd of competitors is the fact that it ships worldwide. I was happy to find lots of style information, including a glossary explaining the gowns description terms (today I learned that cathedral style dresses differ from chapel ones in the length of the train, for instance). Since measuring can be a bit of an ordeal, in as much as the perfect fit mostly depends on how exact they are, the ‘How to Measure’ section will definitely come in handy to enlighten about these issues, as will be the sizing chart you’ll find in the navigation panel.


Author : Steve Dixon

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