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Playtex.comMany can relate the brand Playtex with being a company that produces tampons and all that related to the feminine care, also many products related as well to body care and others such as Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic and Wet Ones and gloves. Others may relate the Playtex with the production of bras under brands such as 18 Hour, Playtex secrets, Thank goodness it fits, Cross your heart and Everyday basics among others.


Well these two companies are completely different ones. The only thing that’s the same about these two is the name. So, when you go to you will find that the site explains this and also provides links to each company’s official site. In each of the sites that you choose to enter you will find all you need to now on each company, also you will find what products they produce and their online stores among other information.


Author : Mery Fisher

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