search cancel – The Power of You leverages the social and economic influence of you as a young tastemaker and trendsetter – to let people know what’s popular and in-style with today’s youth.


By using the website as a platform, this social networking site provides today’s Hip Hop / Pop Culture with a creative and economic stake in entertainment offerings.

Platinum Lounge wants you to feel that movies and other entertainment offerings are ‘yours’ even before they’re released to the public. was created to reward 15-28 year olds for their interaction, for what they say, and think in all facets of life. From entertainment comments to random posts, loungers are rewarded with cash offering for their thoughts.

This site offers a glimpse of the future where social networks will be forced to partner with their users. Also, by virtue of their interaction, users will be able to influence and change entertainment products to be more of what they want to see.


Author : Bill Webb

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