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Planeturine.comWe can’t say this site is characterized by a pleasant smell, but it goes straight to the point: urine happens, and they can help. Planeturine.


com is the online assistant who will help you solve your pet’s urine problem. Here you will find procedures for urine removal, useful products, and full service in carpet cleaning. However, this site not only assists you when the thing is done; it also offers a training-housebreaking-retraining service to prevent your pets from doing their thing in the wrong places. The site’s specialists claim to be urine experts and have invested many years and dollars in the research, design, testing, and refining of the best pet urine products on the market. Check the whole list of products and services at, order online, and take advantage of the free Ask-a-specialist services the site offers. Fifteen years of experience support this people, so don’t worry, they won’t let you be intoxicated with ammoniac.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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