– Boost Electronic’s Performance is a new online store featuring batteries for all needs: though they specialize in batteries for IT electronics (cell phones, laptops and camcorders), you can find brand-specific batteries (IBM, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Dell, etc.

), and also for larger electronically-operated devices like hearing aids, light alarms and emergency signs, wheelchairs, golf carts, medical industry, motorcycles and boats. This simple but useful store not only carries stock for all sorts of appliances, but also different kind of batteries, like lithium, solar panels, Alkaline, NiMH, NiCad, etc. A good thing about this shop is that although it focuses on batteries, it sells other accessories for electronic appliances, thus making it a good place to start your shopping for add-on parts; however, I found a particularly uncomfortable thing about the site, and it is that the products are organized by serial number/model, and don’t present any illustrative pictures in the category area, which makes browsing a bit of an impossible job, though one has to admit that it is a good way to make you double check that the model is what you thought it was and save you time and money having to exchange it. A feature about similar eCommerce sites I missed about is a directory of fitters for rather sophisticated batteries, like the ones for an RV or medical equipment. Although it is clear that is not their responsibility, one is inclined to think that if anyone goes around trying to install the new stuff and gets it wrong, the warranty may not cover it, so uploading a list of authorized mechanics or technicians would be a good way of minimizing warranty problems.