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Pkware.comLooking for a safe way of protecting information? Well then, you should see what has to offer.


Pkware has been offering affordable security solutions for 20 years now and is trusted by many organizations. A wide range of products is offered and all items are divided into categories, depending on their function. Security, compression and developer’s tools are the three categories displayed. Click on the items you are interested in so that you can be provided with further information, details, benefits, etc. Free downloadable unzip and decrypt utility for Windows is provided, and if you are interested, you can download it right from the page. Want to know more about the products offered? Go to the resources section, where you will find case studies, reports and articles which can be useful to you. In case you face technical issues, the technical support team at Pkware is always willing to help you and to provide you with accurate professional service.


Author : Bruce Turner

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