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PitAirport.comGranted that airport sites are hardly any fun at all, though it goes unsaid that they must strive to be as useful as possible; in this respect, has managed to come up with a rather low tech site, yet it’s useful as they get.


Targeting travelers alone is one of its strong points (other sites join cargo and institutional sections with passenger services, and that just makes it all more complicated); and although I missed the possibility to subscribe to the arrivals and departures page through RSS or SMS, I was thankful to find information not only on flight number and status, but on arrival/departure gate and baggage concourse as well. As is the case with most airport sites, users will be able to find current stats on available parking space to help them save time when trying to find a spot; also carries information on security measures, in-site shops, services and eateries, plus lots of maps and diagrams to help visitors go freely around the airport without getting lost. The best part of the site, however, is probably ‘The Fare Server’, which allows site visitors to learn about discounted tickets for a variety of domestic destinations.


Author : Steve Dixon

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