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PistolWorld.comInterested in pistols? Care to meet other people who share your mindset? Take a look at PistolWorld.com, which hosts several forums discussing guns, shooting, owning pistols and the politics around shooting as a hobby.

The discussion boards are usually divided in gun manufacturer and cover such brands as Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and other, providing reviews and polls, plus there are a couple of areas where you can discuss guns for specific uses, like hunting or target shooting. One of the most valuable areas of the site, especially for those who are not so much into sport shooting but come to the forums looking for help, is the Pistol ID & Value room, where visitors are encouraged to post questions about the guns they own and get one of the members of this very active community to provide information or point to the right place to get it from. Although it is clear that not everybody might be interested in the topics presented and covered in this site, it seems quite obvious that the gun enthusiast and pro audience will be much thrilled to hear about this project. Also worthy of note is that the forum threads intend to generate a serious climate of discussion, so for what can be read there, you won’t find any violent or freaky stuff that becomes quite regular in sites like this one, and they will hopefully keep up in that spirit. PistolWorld.com