– Pinewood Derby Supplies

PinewoodExtreme.comDo you like model car racing? Are you into Pinewood Derby? If you are, you’ll be very excited to hear about this eCommerce site: is your one-stop-shop for all your pinewood derby needs.

The site was developed to help those who don’t have the time or craftsmanship to model a car from scratch, so they sell “rough cut” car bodies that derby participants have to sand, paint and finish off for themselves. They also sell accessories and tools, tungsten weights, decals, wheels and axles, and even instructional books and DVDs to help you design, build and race your pinewood car to success. Shopping in the site is very easy, so regardless of whether you are an experienced internet shopper or not, you’ll be very comfortable buying your pinewood derby supplies from Also very interesting and useful about this site is the index of links to Pinewood Racing informational and technical sites, some of which explain some basic physics concepts that will help you with your racing.