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Piece-By-Piece.Net – Crochet Patterns By Hobbyists

Piece-By-Piece.NetThis website is designed for hobbyists. Their main focus is crochet and knit.


They provide pattern by hobbyists, as well as, patterns designed by professional crochet and knit patter designers. Some of the patterns are free and some are available for a minimal charge. As the patterns creator had her patterns published in national circulated knitting and crochet magazines, you know that when you purchase her patters or print one of her free patterns, you know you are getting a well-written knit or crochet pattern designed by a pro. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Home, Dogs, Birds, Blogs, Type 2 Diabetes, Flowers, Favorite Links, FAQs, Customer Service, and Search. At the top you will also find other categories such as Crochet Patterns by Hobbyists, Crochet Patterns Designs by KN, and Knit Patterns Designs by KN. Piece-By-Piece.Net


Author : Pat Gregson

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