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PicturesOfWalls.comThis site puts together six galleries of graffiti from around the world, in no particular order. Each of the galleries has a different amount of pictures, which totals close 1000 stills of street art mostly in English ranging in several topics, mostly religion, politics, sex, drugs and general comment.


The site’s tagline is ‘A gallery of walls with written stuff on’, and that is basically the editor’s criteria to decide on users’ submissions, in as much as street art like drawings, stencil and the like don’t make it to the site: what users will be able to find here is a huge collection of bits and pieces of random and usually quite funny stuff that’s been written on walls using pen, chalk, marker or spraypaint, like “Be a hooligan, buy shoes”, “Plant trees, not buildings” or “How many heads of lettuce had to die to make your stupid salad?”.


Author : Steve Dixon

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