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PianoFiles.comThe piano is the most versatile instrument of them all: you can listen to it in all kinds and styles of music, and if you can play it as well, you’ll probably want to meet people who do too, and is a place to do so.

The site works mainly as a P2P database, and by browsing the alphabetical list or searching the artist whose music you want to play, you’ll find the name of the user who uploaded the sheet music, and some basic information on the contents of the tablatures, like what version of a particular song they were made from, if there are other instruments featured, if the lyrics are included, etc. The idea is that you get in touch with the user who has the music sheet and trade individually with her/him, so that you can give some and get some as well. Because the system works on a one-to-one system, requests for individual music sheets are welcome, and the whole community can respond to whatever you asked for, and it is definitely a very good way to get to know other talented musicians who share your interests. Since the idea behind the site is to establish a network for all parties to get some benefit, in order to become a member you must have some music sheet to trade to someone for the stuff you are interested in, though you don’t need to upload the whole sheet to the site: just the title.

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