– Turn Your Photos Into Slideshows

Photoparade.comPhotoparade is a website that offers a set of tools allowing individuals to turn digital photos into slideshows and screensavers. This set goes by the name of Photoparade Essentials, and in addition to the creation of slideshows, the available tools enable the user to edit and enhance photos, and view photos as thumbnails.

On the other hand, a product entitled PhotoParade Holiday Card Maker is geared towards individuals who wish to create holiday cards and gift tag designs. This product also makes for the customization of holiday cards by adding a personalized text. Likewise, the website includes slideshow themes that can be used when creating photo collections about graduations, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. A free PhotoParade Player can be procured online, and it enables users to play PhotoParades, as well as featuring a built-in screensaver. There is also a professional version of PhotoParade that goes by the name of PhotoParade Plus, and it provides a host of additional features, such as printing photographs from a PhotoParade slideshow in a selection of wallet sizes.