– Your New Best Friend

Photomax.comThese are somber times for amateur photography: Polaroid will soon stop producing its instant film, and more than one trillion photographs are deteriorating every day as their colors progressively fade away, not to mention the years and years of collective memory that disappear into thin air whenever an HD crashes. There’s nothing Photomax can do for Polaroids, but the two latter are in for good news: a free photo hosting service, this new site allows users to upload their digital images and store for them posterity, send their snapshot-laden shoeboxes in to be digitalized and uploaded to the site, and assemble images in animated photo books with captions and all; users can also order prints or get their images in gifts like mugs, t-shirts or totes for a fee, and have them delivered to any place in the planet.

Free accounts allow 5MB of storage space, though you can purchase more room if you happen to need it. The site’s design is very nice, and all its features are extremely user-friendly, so it’s definitely a suitable suite for all family members.