– Don´t Miss Another Call While Online

PhoneTray.comAre you sick of missing important calls while being online? Then, you should visit, a web site that offers dial-up internet service: PhoneTray Dialup.

This dialup will notify when someone is calling you while you are online, and you can choose between staying online or putting internet on hold and take the call. What is more, a caller ID is included and will show callers names and number, will block those calls you don’t want to take, etc. If you want to get some information on the service and keep updated, check out the latest news displayed on the left side of the page. Read the testimonials if you want to see what clients think of the service. New versions of the PhoneTray Dialup are constantly coming out. If you want to keep track of the upcoming versions, subscribe for free to the e-newsletter. If interested in the service offered, go to the site and download PhoneTray Dialup from there.