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PEXCard.comPEX Card is a new employee spend management program designed specifically for small sized companies. Employers can pre-determine and monitor where, when, and how much T&E, per diem, and petty cash their company is spending – as it happens. When employees need to travel, buy supplies, etc. they use PEX Card. No business or personal credit is required to open a PEX Card account, making the service accessible to any verifiable business.


Companies apply for and manage their funds using the PEX Card administration web tool. Employers issue PEX Visa Prepaid Cards to staff, add funds instantly, and set rules to block unauthorized spending with merchant category filtering and a daily spend limit.

The PEX Card Service automatically declines transactions at the point of sale to prevent misuse and protect company resources. Funds are deposited into a corporate account in advance of spending and are segregated from cardholder balances until it is time to make a purchase.

The card funding, features, and benefits of PEX Card separate it from other services that may seem similar. Unlike credit and debit cards, PEX Card provides access to Visa spending without the need for opening credit or bank account. The web application features a program dashboard, and balance/spend features which allow businesses to make last minute changes, block card usage, and tailor the program to fit their expense and spending needs.


Author : Liam Gray

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