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Petrotruckstops.comPetro Stoppping Centers is a travel plaza chain that operates in the United States. It caters for professional drivers and interstate motorists alike.

Its locations span the whole the territory of the United States. The services available to drivers include travel stores, Internet terminals, and document scanning. Leisure activities such as free movie theatres, TV rooms, and 24-hour Iron Skillet restaurants and branded fast food are also taken into consideration. On the other hand, some of the available truck services include tire repairs, truck wash and general preventative maintenance. Moreover, CAT scales can be found at Petro centers, providing an accurate and certified weigh at a fair price. Paved truck parking spaces are likewise provided at Petro locations. The site also has a section which spotlights featured buys. Furthermore, fleet accounts are covered on the pertinent page. A center locator is provided, making for the finding of Petro centers in a straightforward way.