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Petpublishing.comThis website is strictly meant for pet lovers. Petpublishing.

com is the official website of Pet Publishing, a magazine editorial devoted to pets. Their publications include “Dog and Kennel Magazine”, a magazine with information, entertainment and advices about dogs; “Cats and Kittens Magazine”, featuring articles, breed profiles, medical reports, and training advice about cats; “Bird Times Magazine”, with all the information about birds. On this website you can access to either one of these three magazines official sites, and get in touch with the editorial by phone, mail, or fax. Inside each magazine site you will find articles, news, message boards, resources about the different breeds and species, and subscription forms. You can get a glimpse of the upcoming edition as well as browse trough the past issues. You can subscribe online to get the magazines right into your home and there is also the possibility to ask for a free trial number.