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Penn-Station.comAfter a seemingly endless morning at work, finally lunch time has arrived. Are you the kind of person that goes for sandwiches? Maybe a chicken teriyaki or an Italian one? Well then, you probably have heard of the East Coast sub restaurant.


Famous for its sandwiches made right in front of you, recognized for its trademark lemonade and praised for the delicious salads that were recently incorporated to the menu, this restaurant is the first choice of many. is the official site of the East Coast sub restaurant. Since the menu is constantly being improved for better customer satisfaction, you will be able to check it out in this site along with images that will make your mouth water. However, if you are concerned about putting on some weight or suffer from cholesterol problems (just to name a few nutrition issues), the site offers nutrition information. In this way, for each menu and individual ingredient you will be able to know its calories, fat content, sodium and carbohydrate levels. Consequently, you will know what your exact intake is and decide what menu you will have in a knowledgeable way. On a different matter, if you want to check out in which press releases and newspapers that have mentioned East Coast sub, you can do so in You can read these articles online as well. For business people, you might be looking at this restaurant as a franchise opportunity. All franchise information is thoroughly explained in this site such as the average initial investment, the royalty-variable and the franchise fee, as well as the different type of support they would provide you and much more information. Nonetheless, if you are looking at this as a job opportunity rather than a franchise opportunity, you will be able to learn about the positions available, the requirements and the benefits. Back to those who simply want to enjoy the food, you will also find a section that shows all the different locations where you will find an East Coast sub restaurant organized according the city and the state where it resides. If you happen to have questions, then you are encouraged to contact them with the contact information provided in the site. In conclusion, this site covers all necessities as far as this restaurant is concerned; whether you are a fan of its food service, someone with loads of questions about the restaurant itself or an investor seeker, Penn-Station can help you out.


Author : Caroline Bright

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