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PDFdBase.netThere are more PDFs available online than cigarettes are smoked in a single episode of Mad Men. Search engines like PDFdBase are nothing short of vital for making sense of such a voluminous mass of files – files that in many cases are not even properly named.


Well, PDFdBase will let you look through all these files and pinpoint the ones that you are really looking for. PDFs of every nature can be found and retrieved through this website – eBooks, manuals, brochures…

The search process is really simple, as you just key in the concept (or concepts) that give what you want its edge for it to be looked up. The results will there and then be displayed for you to delve into the ones that appear to be more accurate.

And just in case you are the curious kind, you will be able to see the 100 most recent searches that other users of the site have conducted. Who knows, maybe you spot something surprising… In Their Own Words

eBook PDF search engine.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a lightning-fast way to find PDFs and have them downloaded.

Some Questions About

How could the site become more appealing from a design point of view?


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