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This is a website belonging to a company that has developed a very convenient service and product. Pdf2Gif.


com is a new solution that takes a URL with a PDF and converts it on the fly to an animated GIF.

In addition to, this online tool will give you the possibility to select the number of pages that you want to integrate into your GIF. In case you want to select any single pages from your PDF to convert, this solution gives you the chance to do that.

If you are an administrator you will have the chance to get information about your creation status, as well as the creation date of your GIF. This service is presented in three versions. The basic package gives you all the features you need in order to get an effective service; the medium package is more sophisticated and gives you the opportunity to get a PDF file size of 2.5 MB. In case you want to enjoy all these features and more you can get a premium package.

This seems to be pretty helpful for stores selling e-books and PDF’s in common to display some ‘read-ahead’ of the PDF’s contents.


Author : Liam Gray

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