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Paperlessarchives.comAre you looking for specific information about a historical event, or a political event? Well, if so this is the site you must visit because here you might be able to find the information you are looking for. Paper less archives is a site that has the access to top secret and historical events, recordings, photos, video and audio.

If you are looking for material cover presidencies, historical figures information, celebrities, organized crimes, political crimes, military operations, intelligence gathering, espionage, civil rights, world war I and II, Korean, Vietnam, and much more. All the information they offer is legal and is permitted by the freedom information act. Most of the material is taken form federal bureau of investigation, CIA, national Security agency, Defense department, National Security Council, department of defense and from the national archive records. If you are interested in some material, you can order online and receive a CD with all the information requested, all the material in CD’s have been obtained from releases through the freedom information act or by historical review.