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PaperAndMore.comWithin this site,, you can find any kind of paper possible, with different sections for the find of the paper you want easier.


You can find a cardstock section with all the kinds available, such as solid colors, linen, pearlescent metallic, embossed metallic, laid, parchment, recycled, sparkles, card enclosures, sample packs, seals, address and return labels and adhesives. You can as well find all the kinds of texts available for these cards, such as embossed metallic, linen, parchment, recycled, pearlescent metallic, solids, and many other text types. All of these different paper products have different sections for their different products, and you can find cardstock, text, envelopes, vellum, and metallic, linen, solid, card enclosures, all of these are divided by their kind of paper; then you can find all of the products divided by invitations and different accessories available. All of these paper products can as well be selected within different color selections, sizes and their purpose.


Author : Fred Inman

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