KillerStartups – Advanced Celebrity Gossip

LaineyGossip.comGather up, gossip junkies: is the next big thing in dirt, mean comments and saucy rumors, and some pictures as well.

The site is very nicely designed, has a very reasonable amount of space taken by ads, and the really best thing is that not only it catches up with what the hole media is going on about, but actually includes interesting comment and perspectives on the lives and whereabouts of the rich and the famous. But there’s more, dear reader: it has its own combination of ever-changing loved and hated members of the star system, so it indulges in all forms of arbitrariness and cruelty, all to its favor. But this is no secret thing going on: a hall of fame and close-by hall of shame can be found under the ‘Gossip Guide’ tag, which will let you know who is to be hated and who to be adored, and also understand some very funny and generally not-very-flattering phrases used to characterize the former. This blog is mainly about gossip, but not exclusively: you can also find book reviews, and movies will be featured in the near future, so stay tuned.

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