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OutBlaze.comTrying to remember multiple usernames and passwords can be maddening, and very much so. If you’re working with a new platform for your company and are wondering how to keep clients and employers sane and happy, OutBlaze could be a great way to achieve that.


Targeted mainly for web hosting companies and related service providers interested in outsourcing their email/calendar services, this company sells a variety of scalable products which provide a set of services in one single interface: mailbox, contacts, calendar, chat apps, remote file hosting, word processor capabilities, and other basic community features like instant messenger, mailing lists, forums, photo albums, polls, etc., which are interconnected among themselves (users can program the calendar to remind them of appointments, for instance). This is more or less what Google Docs offers; the advantage of OutBlaze’s suites is that they can be branded to reflect corporate identity and add special customized features. The advantage of such a system is, of course, that everything is one same place that can be accessed from any location by remembering just one password.


Author : Steve Dixon

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