Ourlads.com – Scouting Services

Ourlads.comOurlads Scouting Services is an organization which has been scouting, evaluating and rating college football talents as it pertains to the NFL Draft for more than 20 years. Nowadays Ourlads has expanded to include monitoring, evaluating and rating established NFL players.

Ourlads products include; monthly newsletters released from November to April; the Ourlads’ guide to the NFL Draft and free agency which is printed in late March or very early April in time for the draft. This guide features; a position review, over 900 players, descriptive text, index by Ourlads’ (value board) , index by name (including ratings), index by college/ university, as wells team needs, mock draft and more. Other publications include; review and preview issues. Other website features include; selling points, press releases, media interviews, testimonials as well as Jim Sabo’s blog, depth charts, columns, scout hall of fame, NFL team directories and more. Visit the website to learn more about this. Ourlads.com