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Oshins.comOshins.com provide estate planning and asset protections for individual and business purposes.

They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but have clients throughout the US. At the web site you’ll be able to read some of their published articles, such as: “An ideal family wealth preservation”, “Sale to a defective trust: a life insurance technique”, “Building trust with proper tools can stave off estate taxes forever”, and many more. On the left side of the webpage there are many links, such as: mega trust, inheritor’s trust, dynasty trust states, Nevada APT, state statues, state secretary of states, state estate planning laws, state estate planning laws, state probate laws, etc. If you are curious to know what the top one hundred newspapers are, check out the list on their site. If you are looking for state probate laws, they have a list containing the states’ fiduciaries, trusts, uniform principal and income act, uniform act for simplification of fiduciary security transfers, and retirement trusts. Oshins.com