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Osgbilling.comAs its name implies, OSG Billing Services is a company that provides billing solutions. These are described in fine detail on its website, which can be found at OSGBilling.

com. Broadly speaking, they fall into the following categories: printing and mailing services, electronic billing, marketing services, and customer support. Electronic billing itself is a process that involves sending the customer a PDF image of his invoice. This has the distinctive advantage of saving on processing and postage costs. On the other hand, a real-time Internet portal entitled OSG In-Sight is featured, and it lets clients monitor the billing process anytime they desire. The site also includes a section which details news items and stories, whereas a press room spotlights press releases along with press coverage received by the company. An online press kit can be procured therein as well. Lastly, directions to the OSG Billing facilities are provided in the corresponding section, along with contact information.

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