OSalt.com – Alternatives To Commercial Software

OSalt.comOsalt.com helps people find free open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software packages.

The site lists software packages that people normally buy or use at the office or at school – and shows you all of the open source alternatives that are available for free.

And even better; open source allows you to influence the developers or join them in helping improve the project. Often open source projects has a community built around them which also offers excellent help and support to new users of the product.

The information provided on Osalt.com will assist people switching completely from commercial software and Microsoft Windows – into Linux. People just interested in saving money on software but are not yet ready to switch entirely to Linux – will easily be able to find exactly the software they are looking for; only free of charge.

In times were people, business and public institutions strive towards more openness Osalt.com helps bring open software based on open standards. Also during these times of financial crisis – the focus on cheap and even free alternatives seem more appealing. OSalt.com