Orlaproteins.com – Life Science Tools

Orlaproteins.comWhether you are a manufacturer or designer of Life Science tools, you will find this site interesting. They feature state-to-the-art technology so that they can provide you with high signal to noise ratio, low non-specific binding, and cost effective manufacture.

On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left containing: Life science tools, cell culture, diagnostic and biosensors, protein production, technology platform, etc. In addition, there is a link featuring the latest news so that you can be informed with the last happenings. At the technology platform there is an explanation on how the application helps the manufacture of biological surfaces. The protein production includes: functional studies, protein interactions, structural studies, as well as therapeutic applications. At the cell culture link you’ll be able to see how their tools allow cell biologists mimic live conditions. If you wish to contact them you can do so from their web site. Orlaproteins.com