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Oriango.comOriango is the Webster’s of the online world. It allows users to search for web content much like we use a regular dictionary to look up word definitions and learn new words.


The site interface is set up to look like a dictionary, a tool with which all users are obviously familiar. Users have the ability to conduct specific searches for general site content, blog posts, music, videos, podcasts, profiles, and community groups. Right on the homepage, users can upload content for free, encouraging simple interaction with site visitors, as well as frequently updated information. As the site states, Oriango is relying on users’ assistance to make the site the new search engine on internet. In Their Own Words

“Oriango is the dictionary of contents on the Web. With Oriango you can perform searches, add and share web links, news, videos, sites, profiles, music, blogs, anything you need. Oriango is extremely easy to use. It does not require registration, so you can advertise, search and share your contents freely.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Oriango is a different type of search engine. It takes a tool that people are already familiar with, and uses it as a search template. The search prompts save time and spark ideas for other items to search. However, it is yet to be seen in the user-loaded content can compare to the vast amount of information found on currently existing search sites.

Some Questions About

How can users be incentivized to upload their content? In what ways can content be monitored to ensure quality? What additional prompt features can be developed to differentiate the site?


Author : Bill Webb

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