Ordermotion.com – Technology Company For Ecommerce

Ordermotion.comOrderMotion is a technology company that serves small and midsized ecommerce merchants with an order management solution to help them meet the demands of a growing business. It is based in Boston.

Specializing in companies with 5-10 employees processing more than 25 orders per day, OrderMotion’s Web-based software enables merchants to take orders, manage inventory and process payments via one easy-to-use interface. Its work has contributed to the rapid growth of known brand including Ronco, Zabar’s, Wolfgang Puck, Goldspeed.com, and thousands of others. With OrderMotion you can achieve high-speed, error-free data entry behind the “buy” button for everything from single products to complex catalog orders. You can also view all customer order activity at any time, conveniently track all payments, protect yourself from fraud via automatic system alert, verify deposit balances, calculate sales tax, create and audit trail for each order, and much more. Sign up to start using their services. Ordermotion.com