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Orb.comWant live streamed TV, videos, photos, and audio when you’re on the go? Orb is the latest craze in media streaming. Videos, photos, and audio will always be available on your home PC, but what about when you’re bored on the bus, train, or at work? Now enjoy live media streaming wherever you go.


It’s easy. is a free downloadable software program which allows you to stream media from your home PC to your electronic mobile device. With Orb you can get instant media streamed to your dad’s laptop, your friend’s PS3, your sister’s palm PC, your brother’s photoframe, your Wii, your iPhone, your Xbox 360, or your mum’s Q device. How does it work? When you download the Orb software at onto your home PC, your home PC automatically turns into a personal live broadcasting system. This is called MyCasting. Your mobile electronic device, that has a WiFi or Broadband connection, is now ready to receive the live broadcast that is streaming media from your home PC. It’s easy to use and handy in those moments when you need your media the most. Become a part of the Orb community right away by downloading Orb, at


Author : Caroline Bright

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