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OperationFamilyFund.orgThe Operation Family Fund is a private non-profit charitable organization, which provides financial assistance to eligible recipients in the form of: financial grants, food, rents, utilities, emergency transportation and vehicle repair, funeral and legal expenses, home improvement, medical and dental expenses, assistance with a home, rental, lease, and many things more. At this website you will learn more about its history and you will get information about the Foundation, what services they have available for eligible recipients, and information on how you can help them help those people in need.


To be an eligible member, you must have been an employee or contractor working for the U.S. Federal Government and have been performing duties in conjunction with the war on terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom at the time of death or severe disability. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that you can use to learn more about the fund, how to donate online, their families members, news and events, and contact info.


Author : Pat Gregson

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