KillerStartups – Compare Anything Imaginable is a simple application that uses the Yahoo Web search to compare any two terms or concepts. Enter “Obama” versus “Hillary” and instantly see who wins the battle.

The winner of the battle is the term that returns the most hits between the two variables. So if you need to compare two things, especially based on popularity, YahooBattle can help you to determine who the winner is. Just think of any two terms, plug them into the search box and voila, we have a winner. Developers will also be interested to note that the PHP source code for YahooBattle can be downloaded and added to your next project. In Their Own Words

To do battle enter your battle terms and click the YahooBattle button to see which is the strongest. Example: “PHP” versus “Perl” would calculate the winner in an epic showdown between the PHP and Perl scripting languages. The calculation is the percentage difference in search results returned from a standard Yahoo! web search query.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a nice little application that could be useful for tracking trends and is also great for popularity comparisons. People will enjoy the simple interface and the good results.

Some Questions About

Will they be developing “battle” application for other search engines or perhaps one that aggregates results from all of the major search engines?

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