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Onlinecollegeplanner.comIf you’ve made up your mind about starting an academic career, but you haven’t decided what to do, you might need some help. Having information about different colleges and universities can help you deciding or getting closer to the field or study program that is better for you.

Searching for colleges on line is very time-consuming, that is why you should take a look at There you will find many colleges and universities’ programs in one single page. If, for instance, you require financial aid, there is a grant resource center that offers financial aid from the US department of education. Moreover, there is a list containing education web sites in each state. Some of this latter are: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, among others. From their site you can access many universities’ websites and then continue with your search.