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Oit.eduCall me picky, but I still think institutions, especially those who have a certain prestige to them in the area of science, should have an equally respectable website. The people at the Oregon Institute of Technology either don’t agree with me, or don’t have enough budget to afford professional web design.


In any case, their website has lots of stuff other colleges’ lack, for instance links to their student’s most relevant blogs, some of which deal with IT, which is one of this university’s largest major area, together with engineering and health technologies, applied sciences, plus management and communications studies. By visiting the site, users will be able to take a look at the course catalogue, or search for members of faculty, staff or students; if you enjoy sports and will be studying at OIT, you’ll probably be very happy to learn that there are several sports programs available, and you can learn about them (and the teams’ results) at the site. If you are concerned about what to do after school is over, explore some of the partnerships between the university and some cool corporations like Boeing by visiting the site.


Author : Steve Dixon

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