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ObesityLapBandSurgery.comThe International Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery Team is an association that aims to educate both physicians and the general public when it comes to a novel treatment for obesity. This treatment involves a surgery via a laparoscopic application that is named the LAP-BAND system.


The surgery itself is described on the ILOST website in fine detail. Broadly speaking, the process involves creating a smaller gastric pouch that limits the amount of food that the stomach can hold. This means that the patient will feel comfortably full after having taken just a small amount of food. On the other hand, information on the premises where the surgery takes place is provided along with an individualization of the existing team of surgeons. There is also a section of the site which is devoted to diet and nutrition, spotlighting the diets that gastric banding patients have to adhere to immediately after the surgery. For its part, both statistics and testimonials can be perused online, and support is provided in the section that is named “US Support Team”.


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