search cancel – Park Or Forward is a website that was created in order to give you the possibility to truly own your telephone number.


This online resource offers two main service features: Park or Forward. If you become a customer of his company you can either hold a number for a conveniently low fee, or forward callers to their telephone number to any other telephone number for less that ten dollars.

The NumberGarage gives its customers an exclusive opportunity to port their telephone numbers to any carrier at any time. The way you can do this is by signing up for a service with a telephone company porting your number away from NumberGarage.

This online resource is an interesting new solution that offers a good chance of saving money by cutting your landline telephone service, and then porting your telephone number over to NumberGarage. After you do this, all your incoming calls will be forwarded to your cell phone. Some NumberGarage customers forward their callers to their NumberGarage number over to their Google Voice number.

Small businesses are also taking advantage of the NumberGarage service. This is a very convenient service because they will not have to pay high Remote Call Forward fees with their carrier to accomplish the same task NumberGarage accomplishes.


Author : Charly Zaks

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