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A visit to the NowTors website is the order of the day for all torrent enthusiasts out there. This site joins a long line of torrent search engines, and it has two main selling points.

First, it makes for searching torrents in real time. In second place, it enables the user to detect and remove both fake and dead torrents. The latter is no small achievement at all. There is nothing more frustrating than looking up a torrent file and getting down to downloading it only to find that it is a fake file. Recently I downloaded a Robotech torrent and it turned out to be the first season of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Harui. And it was a bulky file, so any advancement towards the cause of smoother (and more accurate) torrent downloading is tops on anybody’s book.

The site also highlights the top box office torrents of late, and in addition to a torrent link for downloading the actual movie you are also given links for downloading subtitles. A link to the Internet Movie Database is provided as well.

What’s more, a “Popular Searches History” is featured along with a “What are people looking for?” showcase section. In Their Own Words

“NowTors is an advanced real-time search engine for bit-torrents. Our servers scan the largest torrent websites on the internet and come up with the best results. NowTors is also able to detect and remove fake/dead torrents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Members of the online community who are keen on torrents will find it useful.

Some Questions About

How often is the site updated? Will other torrent files beside top box office hits be featured on the main page later on?