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 Now Blog ThatNow Blog That is basically a big blog, that anyone can post to. The whole idea is that someone can post a message, and have it read by a big number of people.

In this way you will be able to send out messages and get them heard, without the hassle of getting people to find your site. At Now Blog That there are no restrictions about the page content you post (apart from pornography and warez etc.) so you are free of posting anything you like. All that is required is a free account to create content and post comments (Supports OpenID)

If this website gains users, it is surely going to be a new way for people to distribute information quickly. This is a place for people to share the information they want with the world. One of the best things about this blog is the fact that there is always something new because users can post at any time. NowBlogThat is innovative due to the fact that there are no individual blogs on it and all of the content is on the site, for everyone to see. In this way there is no searching for that blog you thought a post was on.

 Now Blog That