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Norway.orgThis online site provides all the information you need related to Norway. It includes interesting and useful data about this country such as events and occurrences, culture, travel, education, society, history and plenty of other important aspects.


You will be able to find a whole section with news of Norway with several updated articles and lots of images. The site includes a map where visitors will find the locations of their embassies and consulates in the United States. For those interested in literature, the site offers data related to prize winning books and new releases. It also contains videos from Norway where you will view their attractions and landscapes. This site is great for those who are looking forward to travel to Norway as it includes information about its accommodations, attractions, conventions, travel and many other things. You will also find useful data related to visas and passports and their requirements. Visit this online site and learn all there is to know related to Norway and related topics.


Author : Bill Webb

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