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NoraRoberts.com2008 is the year is the 100 anniversary of romance series Mills & Boon, so it is expected that literary journals around the world will be taking a second look at the romance genre, and thus reviewing author Nora Roberts’ site seems quite timely. Over her several-decade career as a romance novelist, she’s published under her own name and penname J.


D. Robb an astounding collection of over 300 titles, the complete list of which is available from the site, together with bibliographical details and information on audiobooks and movies based on her novels. Do take a look at some of the latest releases excerpts, or request some of the freebies to earn special signed copies and limited editions. The site also displays the author’s tour schedule and signing locations, so you can meet her personally. Unfortunately, there is not much academic stuff, which is a real shame, as studies of the romance genre are becoming bigger by the day in the women studies literary scene.


Author : Steve Dixon

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