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NOLS.eduAre you a trekker? Do you love to get your mountain boots on and go trekking over the mountains with your friends? If you’re a big adventure fan and you love to go trekking in the mountains and see spectacular views, you must visit a very special website. This website is called NOLS.

edu. is a school like no other. is the home of the National Outdoor Leadership School, a school which is dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about being a tour guide in the wilderness. If you have always enjoyed exploring in the mountains with your friends, why not work as a tour guide that explores different tracks every day? The National Outdoor Leadership School has over 40 years of experience in expeditioning, making it the most experienced school in this field. The founder of created the school to provide students with the best education to become great leaders. If you’re interested in turning your hobby into your day job, get on to now.