– Anti-spyware software

Noadware.netTake advantage of the complimentary computer scan from this site to check it for navigational hazards and nuisances such as SpyWare, AdWare and ThiefWare. If you happen to be infected, it could be a good opportunity to buy NoAdware, a new anti-SpyWare program which you can get from this site, whether it is on its CD version or by downloading it.

The software’s features are very much like any other antivirus software (proxies, bookmarking alerts, calendars, etc), but users can get a free trial to check out the benefits before they decide to purchase the product. Interestingly, there is no information on how much the software costs, or how long the trial runs for. Unlike similar companies, Noadware does not provide online tech support, so in order to get help users are encouraged to send email.